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Overwhelmed & Triggered, Just PIVOT.


Sounds easy.


But for some, depending on the state of their nervous system, trauma exposure, or just current life stressors, pivoting may feel like it requires way more than they can conjure up in that present moment.

But you see, this 5-step process really helps to realign and recenter to a place where you can preserve your energy. Preserve what we would normally give off when we give in to the triggers, chaos, confusion and overwhelm.

Keep reading if you would like to learn this 5-step process to promote energy conservation, help to prevent the regrets due to the reaction, and really understand the root to what sets you off in those moments.

Step 1: Pause

Insert the Pause

Prevent the spiral.

Prevent the regret.

Prevent the guilt or shame.

Taking the pause is pivotal. How many times do we react and respond without pausing only creating more chaos and confusion because of what we chose to say in the heat of the moment?

Invite the stillness.

Invite the peacefulness.

Invite the perspective shift.

Step 2: Inhale

Breath-work is extremely beneficial in moments where we feel ourselves overcome with anger, frustration, and other similar feelings and emotions. Try this energetic exercise below and see how quick you come to a relaxed state.

Energetic Exercise:

  1. Gently hold your own hand.

  2. Close your eyes while lying or sitting in a comfortable position.

  3. Place your finger on the outside thumb of the hand you're holding.

  4. Inhale as you slowly glide your finger up the outline of your thumb.

  5. As you round the tip of the thumb, exhale as you slowly glide your finger down the inside of your thumb.

  6. Repeat for all fingers.

  7. Become aware of the realignment.

Step 3: Visualize

Visualization is an important step. When we can visualize our desires, wants and needs ... which can include your surroundings, company, environment, etc, it is fresh in our mind. This allows us to see where we *can* be. Shift your focus and intention, and claim it.

Energetic Exercise:

Close your eyes and visualize exactly what you want and need.

Step 4: Omit

Many of times all we need to do is release and 'get rid of' someone or something that is not serving us.

This could be a thought, idea, person, job, excuse ... so many forms of 'things' that clutter our mind taking up space.

What is something you could omit that would free you and give you back more time and energy?

Step 5: Trust

One of my most favorite quotes that I have co-created which is part of my Chakra Energetically Aligned Card Deck .....

Your truth is not an illusion.

Listen to yourself - you have the key to unlock all that you desire and have set forth to achieve in this lifetime.

No confirmation is more improtant than your own.

The more you use and apply this tool, you will find yourself navigating through the 5-steps quicker. I find this helpful as it can lead to discovering the ah-ha's, the shadows, the light and the blessings that make up all of you.

Remember, our triggers raise awareness to our shadows inviting in the light.

The chaos and confusion leads to clarity, while, overwhelm reminds us to slow down.

Bottomline, all of it is here to assist you in your journey of growth and expansion, evolving into a healthier version of you.

Let me know in the comments if you find this helpful.



If you would like to grab your own Just PIVOT Journal/Carddeck feel free to take a look here:

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