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Energetically Aligned Institute

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What Is
Energetically Aligned Institute

We are energy.


Energy can be represented in many different forms such as sound, light, heat, matter ... etc.


Each specific wavelength of sound will travel through the body via the nervous system allowing each specific wavelength to provide a specific energetic massage to the body (physical, mental, spiritual). So as these sound waves travel through the body they create a resonance.


Music and its different wavelengths and frequencies allows us comfort and balance ... a calming state. Whereas this same state and level will cause others discomfort.


It is all energy vibrating its way through us. It unlocks emotions, memories and trapped energies and is a conduit for releasing, but also remembering.

A sound bath is a meditative experience where you are “bathed” in sound waves. Therapeutic, this approach leaves you feeling calm, at ease, and with a sense of peace.  Several different instruments can be used for this service.

Our Services

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