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Mindfulness Over Minimizing ...

Let's talk experiences and minimizing for a few minutes ....

Often times in our day we encounter chaos, disappointment, frustration, anger and even feelings of jealousy ... ever had a case of the "why me's".

This is all too normal - we are human. There is not, and should not, be a day that flows by where you are not experiencing some (or all) of these feelings. As life happens around us this is pretty unavoidable. And I would say, that if you can say you don't experience at least one of these daily, you might just be denying yourself the truth. These feelings allow us to release our past, make peace with our present, and expand for our future.

NOW - let's chat for a minute about the "but" syndrome. Many of us were taught as young children, even into our young adulthood that there is always someone out there that has it worse. And to "be grateful of your situation and what you have." If that is not some toxic positivity bullshit then I don't know what is. OH - and I am guilty of not only minimizing my situation, but speaking the same exact phrase to my kids.

Why? Because when are not equipped with the knowledge and tools to do and be better, we repeat what we know.

So why is this not a desirable way to think? Well, when we minimize our situations, feelings and emotions, we are sending a message to the Universe that we are welcoming all of it, and some more.

Let's dissect that.

Something happens to us, we look at Sally to the right and see she has it worse, so then we minimize and sometimes even dismiss what is happening in our life. Here is the message you are sending:

  1. My feelings, situations and circumstances don't matter.

  2. My body firing off these feelings and emotions is wrong.

  3. Universe, these things do not bother me, I welcome more.

This all leaves us in a low energetic vibrational frequency which over time results in dis-ease and illness within the body. We must work through whatever is upsetting us to release its energy from our body, auric field, and the space that surrounds us.

Next, be sure to cleanse the space .... sage is a great tool for cleansing negative energy. Be sure to 'smudge' your living quarters, office, and even your auric field to ensure you are removing what does not serve you. (check out my IG post for more info)

So listen - long story short ... your experiences are valid. The size and weight doesn't matter. If something is upsetting you, if something has left you in pain, if you are disappointed in a situation or outcome ... IT IS ALLOWED. Sally on the right has no baring to what you are going through. YOU are allowed, and encouraged, to feel it all so you can process it and release it.

Give yourself permission to move through life's events with ease and grace. Release the self-judgment and replace it with self-compassion. Disregard all the things you were taught as a youngin', when we know better we do better. You are in the drivers seat, the Universe is the passenger.



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