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The Colour Mirrors system uses the psychology of color to help you identify, analyze and transform areas of your life that no longer work for you. Because the bottles have a direct effect on your energy bodies and bypass your conscious mind, they support you in clearing issues you may have been blocking or resisting on some level. The system also encourages you to recognize areas of potential, growth and empowerment in your life. Colour Mirrors is a powerful support for your personal healing journey.

Colour Mirrors

  • Rub a little of the oil onto parts of your body – wherever you feel guided. You can also just hold the bottle or meditate with it, focusing on any messages you may receive. You may like to place it on whatever part of your body feels right and notice any sensations, images, or feelings it brings up. Have it by your bed and connect with the energy of the bottle while you sleep.


    Bathing is often the most effective and powerful way to connect with the messages of the oils. Pour as much or as little as you wish into a running bath and bathe in it for at least 20 minutes, allowing the energy of the bottle to connect with you in whatever way feels appropriate. You may like to meditate on the colors, open up your chakras to connect with the messages of the bottle, tune into your higher guidance and see, sense or feel what comes during your bath and afterwards.


    It's most effective at night before you go to bed as shifts may occur during your sleep, however you can bathe in the oils at any time that feels right for you. You can use the bottle over a 3-week period or take it more slowly or quickly, depending on what you feel guided to do. Some enjoy using the whole bottle at once for a powerful immersion!

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