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The Colour Mirrors system uses the psychology of color to help you identify, analyze and transform areas of your life that no longer work for you. Because the bottles have a direct effect on your energy bodies and bypass your conscious mind, they support you in clearing issues you may have been blocking or resisting on some level. The system also encourages you to recognize areas of potential, growth and empowerment in your life. Colour Mirrors is a powerful support for your personal healing journey.

Essence Sprays

  • Spray into your aura or on parts of your body as you feel appropriate. You can also just hold the bottle, meditate with it, place it on whichever part of your body feels right, or have it by your bed while you sleep. Spray some in your house or your workplace to create a peaceful and harmonious space.

    Spritz some into a bath and stay in the bath for 20 minutes or more. Allow yourself to connect with the energy/being who overlights the essence. Notice how you feel and if there are any images or messages for you.

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